My Friend Has Cancer?!

A six-part series about how young adults can better support their friends who are going through cancer.

My Friend has Cancer?! - Part 5

"What Does This Mean For Me?"

Cancer is stressful. You may have strong feelings and worries about what your friend is going through. You’ll also have things in your own life you need to vent about. Bottom line: identify people you can talk to when you need support.

Resources: The My Friend Has Cancer?! videos focus on friendship. It’s a good idea to educate yourself on your friend’s specific cancer so they don’t have to. (Just don’t be a know-it-all or try to give them treatment tips!)

Reliable sources for cancer information include
the National Cancer Institute ( and
American Cancer Society (

In addition, there are many resources to support adolescents and young adults dealing with cancer listed on the following websites or at our Advisory Council member websites, see below. Resources for Young Adults with Cancer (
Directory of resources compiled by the American Society of Clinical Oncology

Voicing My Choices ( A resource for young people living with a serious illness to communicate with family, friends and caregivers wishes for being comforted, supported, treated and remembered.