My Friend Has Cancer?!

A six-part series about how young adults can better support their friends who are going through cancer.

My Friend has Cancer?! - Part 1

"We're All New To This"

Wait… My friend has cancer?! Most young people probably never expect to be saying these words. Your mind races. What should I say? What should I do? Will my friend be ok? I think I said the wrong thing! For most young people, cancer is uncharted territory, and you may be unsure of how to be there for your friend. You are not alone. In this video series, young adult cancer survivors and their friends share their experiences to help you better support your friend with cancer.

Young adult cancer survivors, friends, family members, and advocates developed the My Friend Has Cancer?! video series through focus groups and interviews. Videos discuss the role of friends during cancer, what to (and what not to) say, the importance of embracing silence, taking care of yourself, and friendship after treatment.